Face covers information:

During the Covid 19 Lockdown, we re-purposed our workroom to produce our own reusable cloth face covers. Our product is 100% cotton, 100% washable, 100% reusable, reversible and environmentally friendly.

Made in New Zealand. Each face cover is handmade to last. Suitable for many applications such as general maintenance work, dusty gritty + grimy conditions, smog, air pollution, cold weather, allergies, cleaning, automotive, transport operators, food preparation, costume etc. 

We are working with limited fabric quantities, so we won't be able to repeat a design once that fabric runs out.

Our face cover is a consumer product. It is not a medical device. It is not PPE certified.

We are registered to supply: MBIEEB-4766 & 4767

Price: $12 each (GST inclusive) plus courier costs.


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